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ONANOil Natural Air Natural (cooling method)
ONANOrganisation of North American Nations (from the book Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace)
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Then Judah told Onan to unite with his brother's widow to fulfill his duty as brother-in-law, and thus preserve his brother's line.
Cummins Onan Generators is a brand of Cummins Power Generation, a subsidiary of Cummins Inc.
This year's survey was completed by 289 Onan generator-owning RVers and of those folks, 91 percent rated the overall value of their genset as "excellent" or "very good.
The ComfortGuard APU system is powered by a two-cylinder diesel engine - the same engine as used in many Onan RV generators where it has earned a reputation for low noise and low vibration.
Matchup: RHs Darren Dreifort and Chan Ho Park make their second appearances of the spring and LH Onan Masaoka is slated for his first work.
Next year, they will do it all again - onan even longer show.
Currently, Onan has Coach Care facilities located in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington.
I don't say stupid because after all, he will retire onan excellent pension, (thanks to the taxpayers), call in a few IOUs from his cronies and get a few directorships or consultant posts to help him and Cherie eke out a living.
Coach Care's extensive training and certification process ensures that each facility is qualified to provide expert, one-stop, "bumper-to-bumper" service -- from the chassis to the main drive engine to major appliances and Onan generators.
Throw in RP Onan Masoaka, and we get RP Jeff Zimmerman and a couple of minor-leaguers.
Prior to ADC, Frederick was with Onan Corporation, now a division of Cummins Engine.