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ONCAOntario Court of Appeal (Canada)
ONCAOffice of Nationally Competitive Awards (Ohio University; Athens, OH)
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In its spirit, ONCA exercised "the court's inherent parens patriae jurisdiction" (the state's extra-ordinary parental responsibility) to prevent a child being "deprived of the equality of status that declarations of parentage provide"; in Johnny's case, "the legal recognition .
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Fearon 2013 ONCA 106 held that a search warrant is necessary to search a cellphone that is "locked" or password protected, and a search of a password protected phone as a means to arrest would be otherwise unlawful.
The Ontario government is introducing amendments, as part of the Companies Statute Law Amendment Act, 2013, that must be in place before ONCA can be proclaimed.
Ribeiro's appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal (2013 ONCA 728) was summarily dismissed because there were "no material facts in dispute.
Tsige, 2012 ONCA 32 that in Ontario the tort of invasion of personal privacy now exists.
The government appealed the trial court decision, and the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned parts of the trial decision (Bedford v Canada (Attorney General), 2010 ONCA 814 ("ONCA")).