ONCCOncology Nursing Certification Corporation
ONCCOffice of the National Culture Commission (Thailand)
ONCCOFWAT (Office of Water Services) National Customer Council
ONCCOfficial Nelson Commemorations Committee (Nelson's Island, Egypt)
ONCCOpera Nazionale Ciechi Civili (Italian: National Opera Association for the Blind)
ONCCOffice of Water Services National Consumer Council (United Kingdom)
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Because the ONCC places so much importance on certification, it offers helpful information that either individual nurses or employers can use to encourage, support, and recognize oncology certification among their colleagues and staff (ONCC, n.
ONCC also believes that certified nurses who identify themselves as such contribute greatly to the positive interactions with patients that, in turn, project the value of their certification.
Awards for "certified nurse of the year" for each credential the ONCC offers.
The Rogers vice-president did not dispute any part of the ONCC complaint, acknowledging in detail, without any reservation, exactly what happened.
While some might see that apology as effusive and genuine, the ONCC sees several shortcomings in it.
Suzanne Crantz, another ONCC member, responded to Strati's letter with one of her own on April 3.
ONCC also noted a decrease in the response rate when it switched to an online format.
ONCC, for the advanced oncology examination, used a mixed sample of 1,500 oncology certified nurses and a second group of master's-prepared oncology society members (McMillan et al.
The Breast Care SIG created a workgroup that was active in perusing the development of the examination for the first ONCC subspecialty certification, certified breast care nurse (CBCN[TM]).
ONS also will continue to offer continuing education programs to assist APRNs to attain and maintain the advanced practice knowledge and skills necessary to competently provide care to patients with cancer, and ONCC will continue to administer certification examinations for oncology NPs and CNSs that are sound, reliable, valid, and representative of current practice.
Competence at the specialty level will not be assessed or regulated by boards of nursing but rather by professional organizations such as ONCC.