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ONERAOffice National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales (French Aeronautics and Space Research Center)
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The Nostradamus radar, designed and developed by ONERA, operates in the decametric wavelengths and uses the reflection of high-frequency waves off the ionosphere in a mirror-effect technique for a range beyond the horizon (up to two thousand kilometers) unlike conventional radars that are limited by the earth's curvature.
Additional information about ONERA and the Nostradamus project is available at www.
Contract notice: Production, supply, delivery, unloading of a modeling device (known as DSM) for the ONERA S1 wind tunnel at Modane-Avrieux (73).
Tenders Are Invited for ONERA Altair Flight tests campaign.
Airbus has signed a partnership with two leading European Research facilities, ONERA (French Aerospace Research Center) and DLR (German Aerospace Center) during an official ceremony at Paris Air Show.
Third-party application maintenance (TMA) of the HR Access application, the self-service and the associated interfaces of ONERA.