ONFPNational Office for the Family and Population (Tunisia)
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Both sides dealt with exchanging expertise, studies and researches between the ONFP and the SCFA on issues of population, family affairs, health care and reproduction heath.
The ceremony was marked by the delivery of a minibus offered by JICA to ONFP for the transportation of participants in different training sessions.
This gathering coincides with the first anniversary of the choice of the International Training and Research Centre in Reproduction Health and Population (CEFIR), stemming from ONFP, as "World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaboration Centre for training and research in reproduction health.
ONFP Director General Nebiha Gueddana underlined, at the opening of works, the importance of this event in setting up a prevention programme and strategies to improve mother and child health in Francophone African countries and help them draw on the Tunisian experience in this area.