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ONOOr Nearest Offer
ONOOne Night Only (event)
ONOOr Near Offer(s)
ONOOrganization of News Ombudsmen
ONOOeste-Noroeste (Spanish: West-Northwest)
ONOOpen to New Opportunity
ONOOstnordost (German; East-North-East)
ONOOver N Out (gaming clan)
ONOOntgiften, Neutraliseren en Ontwateren (Dutch: decontamination, neutralization, dehydration)
ONOOvest-Nord-Ovest (Italian: West-North-West)
ONOOriginal Network Operator (mobile communications operator)
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Projected to follow the footsteps of Rio de Janeiro Olympian Ian Lariba, Ono was cut from the final lineup of the national team in the Kuala Lumpur Southeast Asian Games.
In Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Ono will partner on the development and commercialisation under the companies' existing collaboration agreement, while in China and ASEAN countries, Ono will retain exclusive rights.
It's a "place where the sky and earth meet and create a seed to learn about the past and come together to create a future of peace and harmony, with nature and each other," Ono stated.
Gyo Sagara, President, Representative Director and CEO of ONO, added: "We are very delighted to collaborate with the leading cell therapy company, Celyad, for its distinct immuno-oncology candidates.
1) And in 1966, Ono had already dissociated herself from the history of Conceptualism by describing her instruction pieces as "Con Art.
I love the students," Ono says, as he moves about campus on foot later in the day, stopping along the way to take selfies with students and staff.
The deal for Ono, which is mostly present in more rural parts of Spain, also complements the cable network Vodafone has begun building with Orange SA in major Spanish cities.
In the three decades since then, Yoko Ono has continued to lead a unique life--as an artist, as a woman, as a human being.
Career: In the 1950s, Ono became interested in avant-garde composers.
On Opening Ceremony's Web site, Ono says her fashion line - which features nipple holes and handprints on crotches - is a tribute to her late Beatle hubby's hot body.
Lennon was gunned down by Mark Chapman outside the Dakota apartment building in New York as he and Ono returned to their home.