ONRROffice of Natural Resource Restoration (New Jersey)
ONRROffice of Natural Resources Revenue (US DOI)
ONRROffice of Nuclear Regulatory Research
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59) DOI has gone beyond the requirements of EITI and is planning to publish all revenue data collected by the ONRR from extractive companies operating on federal lands.
DOI should not lose the momentum it has created by transitioning from MMS to BOEM, BSEE, and ONRR.
9) 2,205 3,167 Source: Federal data obtained from ONRR Statistics, http://www.
The ONRRs mineral valuation rule added more red-tape, complexity, and confusion to an already overly-complicated mineral valuation process, creating a disincentive for responsible development of our natural resources on federal land and ultimately hurting hardworking Americans and their families the most, Tipton stated.
To address these shortcomings, DOI could carry out a broader reform process-one designed to advance the foundational changes that started when Secretary Salazar disbanded the Minerals Management Service and created BOEM, BSEE, and ONRR.