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ONVIFOpen Network Video Interface Forum
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Grabacion por deteccion de movimiento, resolucion FullHD de 1080p, compatible con ONVIF.
The lack of clarity as to what standards such as ONVIF and PSIA mean inhibits measurable shifts in buying behaviour.
ONVIF allows operators to view live and recorded video from cameras and video recorders located anywhere on a network.
It also enables customers to select from hundreds of IP surveillance cameras and encoders through its support for ONVIF devices and direct integrations with leading surveillance products.
They also support the ONVIF specification for interoperability of network video products.
The TCP/IP Communications Module also provides support for the ONVIF standard to ensure AutoDome Modular cameras will integrate seamlessly with compliant networked video products from different vendors.
Open Network Video Interface Forum -- ONVIF will be the governing body to formulate and communicate the industry standards.
Grandstream's new IP Video Door System, the GDS3710, has passed ONVIF certification testing, the company said.
Each NVR features advanced video playback and is ONVIF compliant to support most third-party cameras.
Also on offer was the IR IP HD Box Camera, also boasting ONVIF, two megapixel versions, and a motorised zoom lens.
The new products support the ONVIF communication protocol, and are compatible with a range of third-party ONVIF-compliant equipment, Canon said.