OO-ALCOgden-Air Logistics Center
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Goodrich, along with the F-35 integrated product team, worked closely with OO-ALC on technical, quality and program elements to bring the depot's HVOF process online in a production environment.
With the workload transfer from SA-ALC to OO-ALC, the F-5 TCG lost a lot of knowledge and well-trained personnel.
To find a solution, CTC worked with OO-ALC personnel to define their engineering requirements and then identified and tested a number of non-chromium alternatives that could meet those requirements.
The implementation of the chromium-free sealing technology will improve worker safety and reduce the environmental burden at Hill AFB and OO-ALC.
Karta is providing DMSMS mitigation, engineering, and system life cycle support to the OO-ALC MILSTAR program and WR-ALC 542nd Combat Sustainment Wing's common avionics, electronic warfare, and support equipment programs.
Under the agreement, the OO-ALC will apply high velocity oxygenated fuel (HVOF) thermal spray coating on Goodrich landing gear components produced for the F-35.
Outstanding past performance within OO-ALC, Ogden UT, resulted in Karta Technologies, along with its industry-leading team partners, being awarded as a small business prime contractor on the recently awarded 5yr/$1.
The OO-ALC performs Depot Maintenance for the C-130, F-16 and A-10 Aircraft.