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OOAObject Oriented Analysis
OOAOhio Optometric Association (Worthington, OH)
OOAOut of Africa
OOAOracle of Ages (Zelda Series)
OOAOhio Osteopathic Association
OOAOpen Ocean Aquaculture
OOAOut of Air (SCUBA diving)
OOAOffice of the Americas (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
OOAOld Order Amish
OOAOn Or About
OOAOrder of Appearance
OOAOut of Ammo
OOAOrdered Orthogonal Array
OOAOut Of Area/Action
OoAOffice of Agriculture (various organizations)
OOAOther Operating Assets
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In addition, the resins have proven highly successful in both automated processing and OOA, allowing for multiple systems capable of providing a balance of service temperature, toughness and processing.
The OOA have a long history of peaceful solutions to disagreements, beginning in 1693.
PGI has had an endorsement from OOA for several years and we look forward to a successful partnership with OOA as we enter the Ohio market," said Robert E.
A State Chart Editor, part of the Telelogic Tau OOA environment, is now part of the analysis model formed by class/object diagrams and uses cases as a means of expressing high-level behavior.
Software re-use through module and library management -- full support of the object paradigm (encapsulation, message-passing, polymorphism and multiple inheritance) means problems analyzed using OOA techniques easily map onto MODSIM III code.
Unlike other OOA products that are concerned primarily with class definition, SES/Objectbench supports full specification of object behavior," said Russell Turpin, Objectbench product manager.
The application development suite consists of BridgePoint Model Builder, an OOA modeling tool; BridgePoint Model Verifier, an automated verification tool that validates correct model behavior; and BridgePoint Generator, a source code generation tool.
Carol Brown of Toledo, President of the OOA, optometrists across the country are receiving calls from parents and school nurses reporting cases of teens, and some pre-teens, using liquid food coloring as a tint for contact lenses.
The developer then has sufficient information to translate the OOA models directly into implementation following a process called Recursive Design (RD).