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OOBOld Orchard Beach (Maine)
OOBOut-of-Bag (machine learning)
OOBOut of Browser (Microsoft Silverlight)
OOBOrder Of Battle
OOBOut of Body (experience)
OOBOut of Band
OOBOut of the Box
OOBOut of Box (software implementation projects)
OOBOut of Bed
OOBOff Off Broadway
OOBOut of Bottle
OOBOff Our Backs (feminist newsjournal, Washington, DC)
OOBOut of Battery (improper weapon discharge)
OOBOut of Breath
OOBOut Of Building
OOBOpen of business
OOBOperations Operating Budget
OOBOpen Order Book (finance)
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The best performing set of variables was selected based on OOB error rates from all fitted random forests as the smallest number of transcripts within one standard error from the minimal error solution (i.
La clasificacion de importancia de indices se realizo mediante el calculo de un indice de importancia, el cual se basa en el incremento del cuadrado medio del error (%incMSE), para cada arbol de regresion dentro de cada "bosque", cuando cada indice fue permutado aleatoriamente en la OOB.
NSR is modular, with services cards for networking, OOB serial & USB, failover to cellular, Wi-Fi connectivity, compute and storage.
With this device we simulated LTE UE operation, by setting the respective power level of interfering signal falling within the victim SRD channel to correspond to the LTE UE OOB emissions mask.
Out-of-band management is at the heart of IT resilience, and we continue to focus on our SMART OOB solution by developing increased access, monitoring, management, control, and decision-making," said Rick Stevenson, CEO, Opengear.
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global OOB Authentication market to grow at a CAGR of 23.
The OOB solutions contained within Insurer Analytics are geared around maximizing revenues, managing performance across the insurance value chain, preventing cost leakage, and improving efficiencies.
Inviting for some, then, but what awaits in the area of that brick-lined OOB is a modern day equivalent of the sirens on the rocks.
For those of you who don't know how OOB works here is a short description: The general idea is to fight malware that infects the user's machine.
n=1) * Check w/ RN to r/o Afib then start (n=1) * OOB [right arrow] chair (n=1) * Gentle A/P ROM (n=1) * Recheck BS & treat based on results (n=1) * Norms @ our hospital 70-1 10 so treat with monitoring (n=1) Case 5 "Bone * Platelets too low (n=8) Marrow * Hgb too low (n=8) Transplant * Talk to RN; if this is baseline with abnormal do AROM/ADL as tolerated lab values" (n=3) * Just take the history (n=1) * Check chart for last 3 days before proceeding (n=1) * Are WBC going up or down?
OOB growth on crude oil molecules appears earlier than SRB development in water containing crude oil molecules, which suggests that a form of nourishment symbiosis is present between them (Dahan 1984).
For example, if the patient is currently getting OOB to a bedside commode, a physical or occupational therapist should assess this level of activity to determine whether the patient is safe to continue.