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OOBIOut of Band Infrastructure
OOBIOut-Of-Band Interval
OOBIOut-Of-Band Interference
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By integrating IPMI management with an OOBI system that supports enterprise security standards, IT managers can ensure that access to IPMI-enabled servers is secure.
IT could do but our main priority after five years of hard work is to see the Oobi brand in the shops.
This infrastructure includes serial console servers, KVM analog and KVM over IP switches, intelligent power distribution units, service processor managers, and blade managers, all controlled by an OOBI manager like Cyclades AlterPath Manager.
Cyclades AlterPath System of OOBI products enable administrators to remotely access, diagnose and restore disconnected IT assets to normal operation quickly and securely.
Because the OOBI provides a secure, alternate path into the production infrastructure to remotely access, diagnose and restore disconnected IT assets, OOBI deployments have become critical to an enterprise's strategic roadmap.
Expanded support for GPRS and CDMA cards enables wireless data connectivity between central office data centers and remote sites or branch offices, ensuring that remote IT devices can be accessed, monitored and restored through the OOBI.
Cyclades AlterPath OOBI products enable remote management of IT assets through secure alternate paths into the production infrastructure to access, diagnose and restore disconnected IT assets.
With the AlterPath OnBoard, we leverage the proven technology of our AlterPath family of OOBI products bringing the same level of manageability and productivity to service processors.
Today's Telcos are deploying Cyclades OOBI System within their data centers to remotely restore connectivity to their mission-critical applications in the event of service disruptions," said John Lima, Cyclades president and co-founder.
The new AlterPath Manager 2500 builds upon the proven success of Cyclades OOBI management solutions to deliver greater scalability, improved data-logging densities and strengthened hardware redundancy.
The new training center offers a series of instructor-led courses specifically designed to increase knowledge of the OOBI and enable participants to take full advantage of Cyclades AlterPath(TM) System of OOBI products in their own IT enterprise environments.
The addition of the Cyclades AlterPath ACS provides an integrated OOBI for enhanced reliability and manageability, creating a solution capable of delivering seamless computing power and increased productivity.