OPDSOccupant Position Detection System (Honda)
OPDSOccupant Position Detection System
OPDSOffshore Petroleum Discharge System
OPDSOffice of Public Defense Services (Oregon)
OPDSOpen Publication Distribution System
OPDSOrgan for Politics, Defence and Security
OPDSOverseas Personal Development Services (est. 1996; UK)
OPDSOffice of Project Development Services (Department of Interior and Local Government; Philippines)
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Ogobiri praised OPDS troops, the DSS and other security agents for their gallantry in turning the tide against Karowei, but enjoined them to smoke out for punishment every remnant of criminals associated with Karowei from the entire area.
Though the original OPDS model was developed nearly 25 years ago, the basic concept of operations remains remarkably similar.
The earlier OPDS systems were basically older model tankers (late 1950s/early 1960s era), modified in the early 1980s with commercially-designed hose-reel distribution systems.
To accomplish this, the conventional OPDS vessels carried their own Single Anchor Leg Mooring (SALM) aboard, which was dropped at a location some distance off shore.
Because of the complex nature of the old OPDS design and its employment, a large contingent of personnel was required to successfully deploy the system.
In contrast, the new OPDS Wheeler is simply a pumping platform (not a tanker) that carries eight nautical miles (14.
Rather surprisingly, in a subsequent letter dated 14 May 1996 and addressed to his colleagues in the rest of SADC, President Masire of Botswana, the then SADC chairperson, declared the OPDS officially established and stated that it should start to operate.
It seems that at the time of the launch of the OPDS there was a widespread belief that the process had been rushed.
More importantly, a clause in the communique that was released after the Gaborone Summit stated that the OPDS would "function independently" of other structures (20)--a clause that could be considered as "fatal".
In addition, observers have also cited other problems such as the fact that there was no formal provision for any link or interaction between the socio-economic and OPDS wings of SADC, and that early warning structures and civil society participation in SADC processes had not received proper attention.
41) It should, however, be noted that the problems and friction surrounding the OPDS, its structure and its relationship did receive serious attention from SADC's leadership, especially from 1999 onwards.
Karowei and his gang, it was gathered, were also responsible for the attack on OPDS troops at Bolu Ndoro forest which led to the death of four military OPDS personnel on January 7, 2018.