OPEIUOffice and Professional Employees International Union (labor union)
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The OPEIU Nurses Council, of which FNA will be a member, will promote best practices regarding patient care, nurses personal safety concerns and staffing levels in the workplace, particularly as we navigate the changing healthcare system under the Affordable Care Act, to ensure that our members are able to provide the highest quality care to their patients," continued Goodwin.
ABOUT OPEIU The Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) represents more than 105,000 members in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, including more than 4,000 taxi drivers.
After the communication to the agents, some of them contacted the OPEIU to ask about representation, the petition said.
Talks between Miller and OPEIU broke off last week, she said, but both sides have been in contact with a federal mediator.
The chain of events leading up to this decision began to unfold back in November 1992 at an OPEIU (Office and Professional Employee International Union) Local 2 meeting, where Fedor, with a group of resolute colleagues behind him, launched what was to become a two-year campaign against their union to overturn technologists' previous NLRB classification in a nonprofessional bargaining group.
The OPEIU delegated two experienced, full-time representatives of the International to lead this contract battle.
OPEIU and its affiliate, the Industrial, Technical and Professional Employees Union (ITPE), in a joint venture with the United Steelworkers (USW), commenced their relationship with Careington International in 2007 under the banner of the Alliance, providing a health care access benefit to their members as a loyalty benefit and to induce non-members to join the union," according to Michael Goodwin, President of OPEIU.
Its property management staff is represented by OPEIU Local 153 while the janitors and porters belong to SE1U Local 32 B-J.
Vincent was not discussing details of the offer, the union posted a version, including OPEIU negotiators' comments, on its local Web site, www.
As previously reported, the pilots represented by the OPEIU (the Office and Professional Employees International Union), commenced a general strike on September 20, 2006, affecting both the Oil and Gas and Air Medical segments.
Hypnotists belonging to the National Guild of Hypnotists abide by the Guild's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, and can also be members of NFH Local 104 OPEIU, AFL-CIO/CLC.