OPEIUOffice and Professional Employees International Union (labor union)
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After the communication to the agents, some of them contacted the OPEIU to ask about representation, the petition said.
An OPEIU committee has been negotiating with Miller since proposal center mainly on increased ealth-care premiums, Burnick said.
With more than 125,000 employees represented, OPEIU has Local Unions in 37 states, Canada, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.
Bohelski, terming the wage proposal "convoluted," said OPEIU representatives would hold meetings with union members before the vote.
Hypnotists belonging to the National Guild of Hypnotists abide by the Guild's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, and can also be members of NFH Local 104 OPEIU, AFL-CIO/CLC.
Vincent spokesman Scott Mosley acknowledged receiving legal notice of intent to picket from the OPEIU, but denied that St.
As previously reported, the pilots represented by the OPEIU (the Office and Professional Employees International Union) commenced a general strike on September 20, 2006 affecting both the Domestic Oil and Gas and Air Medical segments.
As with the first election, it could take weeks to sort out the eligibility of the votes, 30 of which were challenged by the OPEIU and 19 of which were challenged by National Labor Relations Board election monitors.
Other issues surrounding PHI's allegations that the OPEIU engaged in bad faith bargaining, as well as the OPEIU's counterclaims, remain outstanding and are expected to be addressed by the same Federal Court.
The eligibility of 26 ballots was questioned by either the NLRB or the union, according to Donna Shaffer, an OPEIU organizer.
PHI") (NASDAQ:PHII) (NASDAQ:PHIIK) today reported receipt of written confirmation from the OPEIU International's leadership, as PHI had requested, confirming that the pilot strike has ended and the return to work offer was, in fact, authorized and validly ratified by the union membership.
Vincent spokesman confirmed that the system's interim president, Bill McDonald, had received a letter of notification from the OPEIU that a petition was being filed seeking recognition of the union as a collective bargaining agent for the RNs.