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OPIMOther Potentially Infectious Material
OPIMOperations and Information Management
OPIMOpplevelsesproduksjon Og Interaktive Medier (game design class at Hedmark University College, Norway)
OPIMOne Point Implementation Methodology
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and all non-porous items compromised by biological fluids or OPIM.
Aida Hernandez's collaboration with OPIM began when she was called on to provide special anthropological witness testimony before the Interamerican court, and the elaboration and delivery of her report (co-authored with Hector Ortiz Elizondo), has proved central in her ethnography (8).
In unique circumstances, however, workers may be exposed to blood or OPIM as defined by OSHA's blood-borne pathogens standard, 29 CFR 1910.
Biohazard labels should be attached to containers of regulated medical waste, including sharp disposal containers, refrigerators and freezers containing blood, or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) and containers used to store or transport blood or OPIM.
edu) is an assistant professor in the Department of OPIM at the University of Connecticut.
The exposure determination is a list of all the job titles that include among their responsibilities exposure to blood or OPIM.
Incluso, agrega, Lorenzo Fernandez Ortega, hermano de Ines, fue asesinado y se inicio la persecucion judicial contra 15 miembros de la OPIM --cinco de los cuales fueron encarcelados temporalmente--; tambien fueron ejecutados Raul Lucas Lucia y Manuel Ponce Rosas, dirigentes de la Organizacion para el Futuro del Pueblo Mixteco (OFPM), agrupacion que denuncio abusos del Ejercito en Ayutla.
Splash & Spray resistant against blood and OPIM.