OPINOnline Presidential Initiatives Network (USAID)
OPINOnline Political Information Network (Harvard University; Massachusetts)
OPINOhio Paranormal Investigation Network
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GLP-1 agonists for type 2 diabetes: pharmacokinetic and toxicological considerationsExpert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol.
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Edge solutions incorporate the new OPIN API technology platform, permitting current and future host software choices without the need to install new hardware and making the solution adaptable to an organization's changing security needs.
The Icelandic IT supplier Opin Kerfi Group hf reported on Thursday (11 November) an operating profit (EBIT) of ISK297.
OPIN is a free information service for people over 50 set up by Age Concern (Coventry), in partnership with the Better Government for Older People (Coventry), Coventry Libraries, Community Education and CWN.
The author examines Pitt's political legacy, his work in government, Pitt and 'the business of government', his relations with the House of Commons, Pitt's position in public opin ion, his handling of foreign relations and his loss of power.
Nearly half - 4 leaders have a to t help civ attack with There w last we attack opin There were signs that last week's chemical attack had hardened opinion against President Assad.
As it was anticipated, FY12 cash collections of OPIN (OPIN RX) were lower than FY11 result.
I know that the article in this year's Football Guide was not that complimentary to their reliability but in my opin ion they are worth including.
We opin sa loved Jessie J on The Voice for both her opinions and her fashions, as Will.
OPIN is a Pets for Patriots member organization dedicated to helping the homeless animals of Stamford Animal Care and Control.
The Icelandic IT supplier Opin Kerfi Group hf published its second quarter results on Wednesday (11 August), posting an operating profit (EBIT) of ISK142.