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OPJOfficier de Police Judiciaire (French: Judicial Police Officer)
OPJOrthogonal Persistence for Java
OPJOffice of Peace and Justice (Catholic Church)
OPJOther People's Jobs
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The Viewer has no graphing or data analysis capabilities; it simply allows the user to view and access the contents of the OPJ file.
pdf formats, an Orcad OPJ file, a bill of materials, and a Cypress CY7C66113 datasheet.
JOB DONE J He can now drive digger again MENDED 3 Moving his hand after it was sewn on OPJ Mr Hart with Ruairidh
2005), em que foram utilizados 25 iniciadores: OPA (01; 04; 05; 08; 09; 11; 18; 19 e 20), OPB (02; 03; 04; 05; 06; 07; 08 e 14), OPJ (05 e 19), OPM (02 e 03), OPN (02 e 05) e OPW (01e 05).
Target people are community leaders, women, traditional leaders, political administrative and traditional authorities, the OPJ PNC and FARDC, leaders of local structures such as CLCS NRCF, FPJ, Barza between communities, the groups of women, agents of land brigade.