OPLOCOperating Location(s)
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Figure 1 DFAS Expenditures by Region Kansas City 4% Indianapolis 34% Denver 22% Cleveland 24% Columbus 16% Note: Table made from pie chart Table 1 DFAS Regional Centers and OPLOCs as of July 1, 1998 Regional center Associated OPLOCs Primary customer Cleveland, OH Charleston, SC Navy Honolulu, HI Norfolk, VA Oakland, CA Pensacola, FL San Diego, CA Columbus, OH None DoD agencies Denver, CO Dayton, OH Air Force Limestone, ME Omaha, NE San Antonio, TX San Bernardino, CA Indianapolis, IN Lawton, OK Army Lexington, KY Orlando, FL Rock Island, IL Rome, NY Seaside, CA St.
Within the DFAS, we arranged to meet with personnel at the headquarters, regional center, and OPLOC levels.
Topics discussed included a review of current process improvements that have been arranged at each one of the DFAS OPLOCs servicing the DON and what affect these improvements are having upon the DON.