OPLOGOperational Logistics
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OPLOG Planner also allows the user to build a modified table of organization and equipment (MTOE) and provides custom estimates for consumption.
The information within OPLOG Planner started with data from Field Manual (FM) 101-10-1/1 and 101-10-1/2, Staff Officers' Field Manual: Organizational, Technical, and Logistical Data (Volumes 1 and 2), published in 1987.
The Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) created the OPLOG Planner to help units estimate how many supplies they need to perform a mission.
This latest version also includes Quick Operations, which lets you import existing OPLOG Planner files.
We look forward to continuing to use the OPLOG Symposium," said Davis.
You'll need an AKO account to access OPLOG Planner.
Those who have not used OPLOG Planner recently will notice a number of changes.
OPLOG Planner enables users to estimate mission requirements for water, ice, mail, and all classes of supply (except material to support nonmilitary programs [class X]), using the latest modular force structures and planning rates approved by the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, Department of the Army.
The OPLOG Transportation internship is part of the NAVSUP Operational Logistician Career Development Program established in August 2007 and consists of specializations in transportation, petroleum, planning, joint logistics, and special warfare.
During exercises, such as Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2013, the Korea OPLOG Planner ensured strong coordination with Commander, Naval Forces Korea (CTF-78) N4, USFK and Republic of Korea (ROK) Fleet Headquarters to achieve the training objectives.
In 2010, NAVSUP instituted the Global Logistics Support (GLS) Execution Initiative which called for NAVSUP OPLOG Planners to be embedded in each of the Fleet Commander's Staffs.
If you are looking for a demanding but rewarding assignment working with the SEALs at the tip of the spear, then the NSW OPLOG Internship is for you.