OPPAGAOffice of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (Florida)
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OPPAGA posed two questions: How does Florida's system for acquiring and distributing textbooks compare to those used by other states?
While OPPAGA has consistently pushed agencies to focus on outcomes, staff and legislators have varied according to what types of measures they believe are important.
In fact, long before school districts were assigned to pay the additional program cost of dual enrollment student tuition, OPPAGA recommended that dual enrollment be incentivized, especially since "data [has] indicate[d] that these students attend Florida public postsecondary institutions at higher rates than AP and IB students" (Dendy et al.
To address concerns that allowing direct pay could remove incentives for physicians to participate in preferred provider networks, the act requires an Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) study, and provides for repeal on July 1, 2012, if OPPAGA finds that the act has increased the cost of the state employee health insurance program or adversely affected the program's preferred provider network.
I want to know what good it did,'" notes John Turcotte, OPPAGA director.
While 14% of students graduated high school in 2007 with some dual enrollment experience, a significantly larger percentage of students--37%--graduated with AP experience (Florida OPPAGA, 2008).
Mobility Fee: The act advances this concept by a) requiring OPPAGA to submit a report to the Florida Legislature by February 1, 2015, on how the SB 360 TCEAs have been implemented and what effects they have had on mobility and congestion, and b) directing DCA and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to establish a methodology for implementing a mobility fee and file a joint report (8) on the methodology by December 1, 2009, including recommended legislation and a plan to implement the mobility fee as a replacement for transportation concurrency.
The OPPAGA found that the Legislature and the Division of Community Colleges have implemented several of their recommendations, including the addition of measures to the performance-based incentive fund.
Florida's 1994 Government Accountability Act set OPPAGA free from its traditional audit beginnings, but the culture it adopted there was not so easily cast off.
She said the language in the appropriation made it clear that lawmakers intend for OPPAGA to contract with an outside entity for the study.