OPSSOracle Platform Security Services
OPSSOntario Provincial Standard Specification
OPSSOperations Safety System (US FAA)
OPSSOffice of Public Service and Science (United Kingdom)
OPSSOffice of Public Safety and Security (various organizations)
OPSSOutlet Plastering Safety Shield (plastering guide tool)
OPSSOther Products Self Service
OPSSORCHESTRA Process Support System
OPSSOverwhelming Post-Splenectomy Sepsis (post-surgical complication)
OPSSOperations Specifications Application
OPSSOperations Sales and Service Council (Credit Union National Association)
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93) In the wake of Katrina, the OPSS was deemed a "district in crisis," and 107 of the 116 public schools in New Orleans were subject to state takeover.
Prior to Katrina, the OPSS was the worst performing school district in the state.
As an additional nuance in New Orleans, the OPSS, which is not party to
Perhaps the most famous OPSS patent was issued to Clarence Dooley in 1941 for a tractor safety, control.
The fact that tractor manufacturers have put seat belts on tractors as standard equipment since 1985 is no excuse for failing to place an OPSS on tractors.
These defenses have long been rendered specious by actual use of the OPSS, which has been designed to eliminate these problems.
It claims that placing an OPSS on a tractor larger than a lawn and garden tractor--
will cause injuries because the OPSS could cause a loss of power steering and hydraulic controls, and
A jury should be advised to balance these mythological injuries against the actual injuries that occur every year as a result of the failure to install an OPSS.
O OPSS questiona, portanto, as razoes dos cortes, que ultrapassam os valores negociados para o resgate financeiro do pais com a entidade conhecida como Troika--Banco Central Europeu, Fundo Monetario Internacional e Uniao Europeia -, neste setor que funciona como uma especie de estabilizador social automatico.
Segundo OPSS (14), tal contexto de crise gera uma diminuicao no acesso aos cuidados e de gastos com medicamentos, devido ao empobrecimento dos portugueses, ao aumento das taxas moderadoras, as dificuldades com transportes e a evolucao dos tempos de espera.