OPTASKOperational Tasking
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This information may be too lengthy to include in the OPTASK supplement, but should be put in place by MATCONOFF prior to execution of the exercise.
Annex C to the operational order and the OPTASK for knowledge and information management must account for these variations.
When a strike group is assigned as the lead for more than one task force, it will normally produce a separate OPTASK IM and OPTASK Chat for each task force.
While much can be shared in terms of lessons learned, it is a mistake to think that any one KM Plan or Navy-Wide OPTASK Information Management Plan will be a one-size-fits-all solution.
Identify germane standing OPTASKs and OPORDs to refresh your understanding of current HADR guidance.
The Library tab includes folders that expand with information regarding Navy general reference categories and doctrine and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) related to intelligence; operations; logistics; planning; command and control; fleet exercises; TACMEMOS (tactical memos); tactical bulletins; Naval Doctrine Publications (NDPS); Navy Wide OPTASKS (operational tasks); mission area bookshelves; allied, multinational and joint doctrine, the Universal Naval Task List; Concepts of Operations (CONOPS); U.
check] Establish information management policy through IM OPTASKs and other timesaving techniques