OR-OSHAOregon Occupational Safety and Health Division
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Nancy Graf, OR-OSHA Occupational Health Consultant, who has conducted safety assessments at Synthetech for five consecutive years commented, "Again, I continue to be extremely impressed with the commitment to safety and health displayed by your safety committee members and all of your employees.
OR-OSHA representatives will be presenting Synthetech with an award plaque and fifth-year SHARP graduate flag at a flag-raising ceremony at Synthetech's facility (1290 Industrial Way, Albany, OR 97322) on June 20, 2007 beginning at 9:00 am.
As a result of these activities and the inaccurate, misleading, harmful, and prejudicial press releases by OR-OSHA, as well as its improper testing methodologies, GIB has lost sales, consumer goodwill, and industry market share.
The complaint also claims that OR-OSHA misrepresented results of air sample tests on Brazilian Blowout, when in fact its testing showed air quality during use of the product was safely below OSHA limits.
According to OR-OSHA officials, the 474-megawatt Hermiston Generating Plant earned several distinctions during the assessment process.