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ORIONOur Race Is Our Nation (white supremists)
ORIONOverspill Routing in Optical Networks
ORIONOptimized Routing Independent Overlay Network
ORIONOffice de Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur les Organisations Neurophysiologiques
ORIONOperational Radio Interferometry Observing Network
ORIONOperating Room Image Oriented Navigation
ORIONOntario Reseach and Innovation Optical Network (Canada)
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Orion Global's Cloud Advisory practice guides customers through the process.
Twelve years ago, soon after astronauts installed corrective optics on the flawed Hubble Space Telescope, the observatory's Wide Field and Planetary Camera took the first high-resolution images of Orion.
Professor Bob Brown is a leader in translation research who has dedicated much of his career to understanding the role of methylation in cancer," said Nathan Lakey, CEO and president of Orion Genomics.
Other than the Orion employees who are nearly certain to lose their jobs, the biggest loser is also one of the world's richest men, John Kluge.
After all shareholder and regulatory approvals have been obtained, Miramar and other arm's length parties will sell to Northern Orion 100 percent of the issued capital of Grupo Minera Aconcagua S.
Orion Health's Web-based clinical portal and integration solutions provide rural physicians with lower-cost access to broader information stores such as lab results, diagnoses, patient histories and medications information.
Connecticut Specialty is one of five property/casualty insurance operations comprising the Orion Capital Companies, wholly owned subsidiaries of Orion Capital Corporation.
Commenting on the transition, Orion Capital Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Alan R.
ORION for AIX requires minimal training, provides turn-key operation and features an intuitive GUI for quick implementation, resulting in significantly lowered cost of ownership compared to other HA alternatives.
Orion Atlantic, an international partnership of developers, providers and users of telecommunications technology and services, was formed in 1991 to finance the construction, launch and operation of an international private satellite system and related communications businesses.
Herb Dorfman, Orion Home Video senior vice president, said, "Fox Lorber is a home video industry leader in the category of foreign and art films.
Orion Health recently teamed with the globally-recognized IBM Innovation Centre in Sydney, Australia to undergo performance testing and analysis.