ORSCOhio Retirement Study Council (est. 1968; Columbus, OH)
ORSCOhio Rehabilitation Services Commission
ORSCOpen Root Server Confederation
ORSCOld Republic Surety Company
ORSCOperations Research Society of China
ORSCOrganizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (Center for Right Relationship; Benicia, CA)
ORSCOffshore Research Service Center (Hyderabad, India)
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and ORSC became partners through [adders to Success in January 1991, when the company designated one store in Columbus as a training site and one employee as the trainer.
Three sessions were delivered to store managers, staff, and "buddies" from 31 restaurants and to counselors, supervisors, and employer services specialists from ORSC area offices.
McDonald's made room for additional trainers selected by ORSC for expertise in the areas of visual impairment and learning capacities and provided adaptive equipment (buzzers) for hearing impaired people and special catsup and mustard dispensers for people with cerebral palsy.
Other successes--less measurable, but nonetheless important--are the intrinsic benefits accrued to ORSC from this experience.
Trainees continue either working for the host business, or ORSC placement staff find positions for them with other employers in the community.
All ORSC programs are funded, evaluated, and supported through contracts with the area offices of the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and the central office of ORSC.
ORSC is Ohio's state agency that provides vocational rehabilitation services to help people with disabilities become employed and independent.
During fiscal year 2006, ORSC provided services to 54,423 Ohioans with disabilities.
They are believed to have held similar calls with the ORSC and IANA.
USA would only be visible to those who used inclusive namespace servers such as those operated by ORSC and Pacificroot.
When ICANN suggested that they had the power to charge a tax on these TLDs, several nations began to study the possibility of yanking their CCTLDs from ICANN's root and moving them to an alternative root like ORSC.