ORSEEOnline Recruitment System for Economic Experiments
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Announcements were sent to potential participants in the ORSEE database: this database is the one commonly used in the Bologna Laboratory for Experiments in Social Sciences (BLESS).
The experimental software was programmed using z-Tree (Fischbacher 2007); participants were recruited via ORSEE (Greiner 2004).
Subjects were recruited through the online recruitment system ORSEE (Greiner 2004).
Participants were recruited using the ORSEE software (Greiner 2004).
Via the ORSEE software (Greiner 2004), we recruited 112 undergraduate students from local business and engineering schools.
Subjects were recruited with the online recruiting system ORSEE (Greiner 2004), and the experimental software was developed with the z-Tree software package (Fischbacher 2007).