ORTFOrchestrated Rise to Fall (music blog)
ORTFOrganisation de Radiodiffusion et Television Française
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On 27 July 1974, when the Senate examined, after the National Assembly, a bill to end the centralised ORTF and disperse its various departments into six independent companies, nothing was planned for the services common to the three channels--archives, training and research.
To tackle the more difficult aspects, Gusberti and a RAI lawyer went first to the BBC in London and later to Paris, to what was then called ORTF, to study how they "cleared their programs for international sales.
Legislation transformed RTF into ORTF (Office de Radiodiffusion-television francaise), which was established on 27 June 1964.
Para cumplir ese y otros encargos de la ORTF (entre los que se encontraba el realizar un reportaje sobre el Dia de Muertos en la isla de Janitzio, en Patzcuaro, Michoacan), Vargas Llosa permanecio en nuestro pais 13 dias, en cuyo transcurso trabo una perdurable amistad con Cristina y Jose Emilio Pacheco, entonces unos muchachos de 21 y 23 anos de edad, respectivamente.
ORTF had set aside a sector, like [grotesque voice] "Le Hot Jazz", and it was going to be that or nothing.
A graduate of France's elite Ecole National d'Administration, the Normandy-born Drucker came to television in 1970, joining the ORTF, the old French state broadcasting monopoly, before climbing the ladder in a series of public and private broadcasting posts until CLT, now the RTL Group, hired him to launch M6.
Recording engineer John Eargle, who has made many superior recordings for both Delos and ProArte (and who is a specialist in the ORTF technique), is particularly well known for his ability to modify orthodox procedures to compensate for hall/orchestra anomalies.
Of the three main characters, Le Gall is a graduate of the Ecole Normale Superieure and sometime history teacher, who moves, thanks to backing from old university friends, to becoming head of radio news in 1975 - the year after one of Giscard's major early reforms had broken the old ORTF down into a network of smaller companies.
Here he worked under Pierre Schaeffer, who founded the section in 1960 and headed it until the breakup of ORTF in 1974.
In 1954 he entered television with his show "Medicales" on ORTF.
Before founding Hamster, Grimblat worked as creative director at an advertising agency, and before that he worked at ORTF, France's former state-owned broadcast organization.