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ORTHOAmerican Orthopsychiatric Association
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The family of Kathleen Thoren, who suffered a stroke and died after using Ortho Evra for less than a month, alleges that the defendants knew about the increased risks long before she began using the patch in November 2004.
In the first study, which is comparing risk in first-time Ortho Evra users and in first-time users of an OC, the risk of nonfatal venous thromboembolic events (VTE) was similar for users of the patch and for users of the OC, according to the company.
The FDA-approved Ortho Evra patch is 1 3/4-inch square, beige, made of a thin film, and comes packaged in a sealed, opaque, white pouch with the product label attached to one side of the pouch.
Women now are carrying the Ortho Personal Pak in their purses, making it easier for those with hectic schedules to keep their birth control pills with them at all times.
In early 1991, Ortho executives learned that a Justice Department investigation was under way and ordered employees to destroy documents and videotapes that would show that the company had engaged in an effort to promote Retin-A's anti-aging abilities to the general public.
This June the company will make the new Ortho Dialpak available to users of its Ortho Tri-Cyclen tablets, the most prescribed oral contraceptive in the United States, according to Somma, and Ortho-Cyclen tablets.
Ortho Biotech already sells the drug, manufactured by Thousand Oaks-based Amgen, for treatment of anemia, and the FDA's action means Ortho can market the drug to reduce the need for transfusions in anemic patients undergoing some types of surgery.
But the biggest blows probably came with the decision in September by Ortho Pharmaceuticals Co.
M2 PHARMA-October 28, 2014-Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics secures CE mark for ORTHO VISION analyser
Currently, Ortho Evra is the only transdermal contraceptive patch approved by the FDA.
But Gyne-Lotrimin has already been joined by a major competitor, Monostat 7 from Ortho Pharmaceutical Corp.