OSACSOrissa State AIDS Control Society (India)
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Flat File (A4 Size) Stock Reqister, Rollinq, Size-16 White Envelop with good quality laminated paper (size: 10" X 4") Address of OSACS to be printed in bi-colour.
item - Attendance Register (size no - 10) (Good quality), Cloth Envelop (Size 33X25cm) good quality ( Office address with Logo to be printed), Cloth Envelop (Size 40X30cm) good quality (Office address with Logo to be printed), Cover File (Water proof, good quality, cloth pasting in all the folding sides, four side cover should be 4 cm depth) size (W-26cmxL-36cm), Letter Dispatch Register, Rolling Size-36) (Good Quality), Letter receipt Register, Rolling Size-36) (Good Quality), Liver Arch File, biq size Note Sheet (each pad contains 100 sheets) (A4 size 95 GSM conquest ,paper, with logo of OSACS in the left margin of both sides of the note sheet) pre-printed, Paper Flags (5 color prompts) 15mm x 76mm x 5 colors, Rolling Register (Good Quality).