OSBDOffice of State Budget Director (Kentucky)
OSBDOklahoma State Banking Department
OSBDOffice of Small Business Development (US Treasury)
OSBDOne Small Barking Dog (Birmingham, England, UK)
OSBDObservation Scale of Behavioral Distress (psychology)
OSBDObservation, Sentiment, Besoin, Demande
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Both participants were chosen after the OSBD scale results indicated that competing behaviors occurred during the invasive medical procedure in at least three consecutive chemotherapy sessions.
The adapted version (1) of the OSBD Scale (5), was used for the behavioral evaluation.
Esses observadores receberam treinamento previo com a OSBD, por um periodo de um mes antes de iniciar a coleta de dados.
As sessoes gravadas foram transcritas na integra e os comportamentos registrados foram analisados por amostragem, segundo as normas da OSBD.
ODAA has indicated that they would like to be included as an OSBD approved sponsor of education and CE's for dental assistants since they have several educator members who already have prepared courses.
As categorias comportamentais apresentadas pela crianca, adaptadas da OSBD a partir dos estudos de Borges (1999) e de Costa Jr.