OSBUOffice of Small Business Utilization
OSBUOrganizational Solutions Business Unit (Franklin Covey Co.; Salt Lake City, UT)
OSBUOff-Shore Banking Unit (Sri Lanka)
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Although sales through the OSBU have continued to improve during fiscal 2008 and have increased $2.
These decreases were partially offset by increased compensation expenses for additional OSBU sales personnel, increased legal expenses for ongoing litigation, and increases in various other areas of the Company's operations.
Consistent with sales performance identified in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007, the Company's stronger financial performance in fiscal 2007 was primarily influenced by significantly increased OSBU sales that were partially offset by declining product sales through CSBU channels.
6 million in fiscal 2006, primarily on the strength of improved OSBU sales, which generally consist of training and consulting service sales.
Increased OSBU sales were partially offset by declines in product sales through our CSBU channels.
The increase was primarily due to increased commissions associated with higher sales in the OSBU and increased legal fees compared to the same quarter last year.