OSCDLOregon Sustainable Community Digital Library
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As previously mentioned, the OSCDL hosts data sets which can be represented in the form of an interactive map.
Maps available through the OSCDL that show the historic boundaries of urbanization of Portland were digitized, overlaid, and then exhibited at a regional planning event designed to help Portland citizens understand the physical shape of the region's growth, as well as frame a discussion about how to manage future growth.
Ninety-five percent of monographs, reports, correspondence and other planning documents selected for inclusion in the OSCDL are scanned and digitized by an outside vendor.
These documents, however, have been uploaded to the OSCDL database, a process described below.
In addition to the PSU Library catalog access point, researchers can view material in the digital collection via the OSCDL website.
An approval queue has been implemented to hold these new documents until an OSCDL administrator can review them, at which point the files will be added to the collection.
Contributing agencies receive an electronic version of the material they have donated, ensuring that the digitized documents and maps in the OSCDL are being saved in more than one place.
Ideally, the OSCDL will become a key player in the community by supporting thoughtful city planning and civic engagement.