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OSCEOrganization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe
OSCEObjective Structured Clinical Examination
OSCEOrganisation Pour la Sécurité et la Coopération en Europe (French: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe)
OSCEObjective Structured Clinical Evaluation
OSCEOrganizzazione per la Sicurezza e la Cooperazione in Europa (Italy)
OSCEOrganizatia pentru Securitate si Cooperare in Europa (Romanian)
OSCEOffice Scan Corporate Edition (Trend Micro)
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Analysis of the EOC and EOY Medicine OSCE scores of 77 students revealed that except for the station of cardiac auscultation, mean scores significantly decreased in most of EOY OSCE stations (Table-3).
The ministry noted that OSCE was an international dialogue platform where solution process was pursued for clashes which closely concerned Turkey's security and stability such as South Ossetia, Upper Karabakh and Trans-Dniester.
Like NATO and other regional multilateral organizations, the OSCE is an affiliate of the United Nations.
The delegation of Azerbaijan to OSCE on a number of occasions has raised this issue with the Secretariat and Secretary General of the organization, drawing attention to the inadmissibility of allowing Armenia to abuse the OSCE Document Distribution Center for promoting its annexationist aspirations with regard to the territories it has occupied through military force and where it has carried out ethnic cleansing on a massive scale, in violation of the OSCE principles and commitments set forth in the Helsinki Final Act and the OSCE documents and decisions," said the message.
I note the issues the OSCE raised when I was in Tajikistan to observe the 2013 presidential vote, and hope to report on improvements when delivering our conclusions following election day," Special Co-ordinator Tidei said.
Aydarov said that the statement of the Italian diplomat shows that this year the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs will make much more efforts in the negotiation process than in previous years.
The collocutors discussed the importance of establishing a quality inclusive education for young people and emphasized that the OSCE Mission to BiH would continue to engage in reducing discrimination in schools and unification of divided schools in the future.
The Belarusian diplomat spoke for strengthening economic connectivity and deepening contacts between various integration structures on the OSCE platform.
The Joint Commitment covers a wide-ranging list of activities in all three dimensions of the OSCE's work - the politico-military, economic and environmental and human dimensions, stating that these are designed to "contribute to the National Action Strategy of the Government of Uzbekistan (2017-2021) and promote the OSCE agenda in Uzbekistan.
The stages involved in devising an OSCE exam involve choosing an OSCE team, selection and description of the skill's that would be assessed at the assessment stations, marking schemes, enrolment and coaching of the standardized patients, and making arrangement for logistics of the whole exam activity.
EDT) Sunday morning, was the first instance where a member of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission was killed while on duty.
The OSCE mission in Ukraine car exploded on a mine in Donbass, the OSCE chairman, Sebastian Kurz, said.