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OSCONO'Reilly Open Source Convention
OSCONOpen Source Convention
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In 1992, OSCON and PARCON were reorganized into the new Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the NorthEast Atlantic (0 SPAR), as outlined in Figure 1.
For instance, the broader OSCON and PARCON contexts have functioned in an effective interplay with the smaller and more homogeneous North Sea Conference forum.
Both insiders and observers seem to agree that the 1987 North Sea Ministerial Conference was something of a political breakthrough within the cooperation, which up to that point had taken place mainly within an administrative, "shielded" OSCON and PARCON setting.
Machine learning and containers are two of the most exciting current examples, and we've added two special new events, TensorFlow Day and Infrastructure Boot Camp, that give OSCON attendees a great way to get right to work using these important new technologies," says Rachel Roumeliotis, who chairs OSCON along with Microsoft's Scott Hanselman and Google's Kelsey Hightower.
With over 25 workshops and hundreds of sessions across four days, OSCON is the one place that engineers and technology decision-makers can discover the latest tools and technologies, get in-depth training in crucial languages, frameworks, and best practices, and survey the entire range of open source applications.
At OSCON, Huawei showcases its open source technologies, including a variety of cloud-related fields including OpenStack, container, and big data, as well as Android development.
The announcements were made at the O'Reilly OSCON Open Source Convention, held July 20-24 in Portland, Oregon.
lt;p>Microsoft made the announcement at the annual OSCON open source conference that opened Monday in San Jose.