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In 2010, sexually active women aged 14-22 years old recruited at a teen health center or emergency department collected vaginal swabs and used the sample for the OSOM Test [34].
Evaluation of the OSOM Trichomonas rapid test versus wet preparation examination for detection of Trichomonas vaginalis vaginitis in specimens from women with a low prevalence of infection.
Hence, the present study was done to evaluate the efficacy of OSOM Trichomonas Rapid test in diagnosing vaginal trichomoniasis and to compare it with conventional diagnostic methods like wet mount and culture.
Each solution was tested in duplicate by use of the SP hCG Combo Rapid Test (Combo) and the OSOM hCG Combo Test (OSOM) as described in Materials and Methods.
6] pmol/L hCG [beta]cf, whereas the Cardinal Health Combo device generated a barely detectable positive signal and the OSOM device was completely inhibited with no detectable positive signal.
OSOM will be held under the auspices of Dr Muna bint Khalfan al Jaradaniyah, Under-Secretary for Technological Education and Vocational Training, Ministry of Manpower.
Tests of these samples with the OSOM and ICON devices produced negative results as well, as previously described (1).
They determined the sensitivity and specificity of 4 testing strategies: single rapid antigen test (Genzyme OSOM Ultra Strep A Test[R]) performed in office; single rapid antigen test performed in laboratory (using the same rapid antigen test); result of either rapid antigen test; and single rapid antigen test in office plus culture.
The OSOM Strep A test with QC Inside is intended for the qualitative detection of Group A Streptococcal antigen from throat swabs or confirmation of presumptive Group A Streptococcal colonies recovered from culture, providing results within five minutes.
The OSOM Influenza A & B Test differentiates between the two.
The OSOM Trichomonas Rapid Test aids in the diagnosis in approximately 10 minutes for trichomonas infection.
Considered the "Composite Reference Standard," the InPouch TV showed 99% sensitive compared to the Genzyme OSOM Rapid Test at 83% (ref: Genzyme Product insert).