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OSPFOpen Shortest Path First
OSPFOpen Shortest Path Finder
OSPFOhio Suicide Prevention Foundation (est. 2005)
OSPFOklahoma State Poultry Federation
OSPFOsaka Short Play Festival (Japan)
OSPFOffice of the Special Project Facilitator (Asian Development Bank)
OSPFOpen Space Preservation Fund (Fairfax County, VA)
OSPFOcular Sun Protective Factor
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Coltun, "FORE Systems "The OSPF Opaque LSA Option", RFC 2370, July 1998.
The assumptions were that in order to perform such an attack, one would first need to insert a router into the network, and once this was accomplished they would then somehow need to obtain the MD5 authentication key that is widely used to secure the communications channel between OSPF neighbors.
A* star is suitable for implementation in existing routing protocols like OSPF, but protocol itself should have some changes to adopt the new possibilities of A* algorithm.
The OSPF models on DEVS-Suite was a result of the application of both networking theory and software engineering principles with particular attention being paid to reliability and maintainability by comparing with ns-2.
OSPF builds tables known as the adjacency and LS databases (LSD).
What the PRNOC staff needed was a clear, graphical picture of the OSPF network topology--a map of the network routes that would show them instantly where erroneous routes were causing problems.
Analyzes the router configurations of BGP and OSPF for errors.
All network segment types that are supported by the base OSPF protocol are also supported by MOSPF: broadcast networks (e.