OSTCOpen Source Technology Center
OSTCOpen Systems Testing Consortium
OSTCOpen Source Training and Consulting
OSTCFederal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (Belgium)
OSTCOntario Sales Tax Credit (Ontario, Canada)
OSTCOpen Source Training and Consulting (Nuremberg, Germany)
OSTCOn-Scene Tactical Commander
OSTCOpen System Testing Consortium
OSTCOutward Spiral Theatre Company (Minneapolis, MN)
OSTCOshkosh State Teachers College (Oshkosh, WI)
OSTCOregon Society of Tax Consultants, Inc.
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Although OSTC instructors come from industry--4,000 hours of industry experience are required, as is a plan to earn a teaching certificate--they know that developing technical skills requires more than listening to lectures and reading books.
Specifically, we are interested in assessing how and to what degree the OSTC exposes students to the diverse origins of science.
The various alliances appear to have begun bearing fruit: In August 2012, outcomes from the Tailings Technology Roadmap and Action Plan project-another collaboration, this one involving the provincial corporation 'Alberta Innovates--Energy and Environment Solutions [AI-EES]' and the OSTC in partnership with Alberta Energy, Natural Resources Canada, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, and the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board--were released to the public and described as a "comprehensive review of technologies that will help industry identify the suite of technologies that are best for their operations.
In addition to the groundwater levels, air-pressure was measured at the OSTC seismic station by the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, ASCR.
At the OSTC, the viewers can verify from the explainers or centrum guides the science principle behind each exhibit.
Products or services approved by the OSTC will be given a mark, similar to the COS program.
GLOBAL proprietary trading business, OSTC, which employs 70 staff at its operation in Swansea, has appointed Lee Hodgkinson as its new chief executive.
Tenders are invited for Providing Catering Services at OSTC Faridabad on Contractual Basis.
We took the recommendations from the report to heart, because they went out there and they found out: what do people want this ship to be," said Susan Schrempf, OSTC president- CEO.
Acting act as liquidity providers, Goldman Sachs, ICBC Standard Bank, Morgan Stanley, Natixis, OSTC and Societe Generale will take part in the program.
Susan Schrempf, president and CEO of OSTC, which runs the ferry, said forecasting its imminent demise is a misinterpretation of the report.