OSUIOn-Screen User Interface
OSUIOffice Scolaire Universitaire International (French: International Academic School Office)
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There were no significant differences in recurrence rates between OSUI and evident SUI ( P > 0.
Richardson defined OSUI in 1983 and thought that a zigzag and obstruent urethra explained the symptoms of SUI;[25] another noted that bulging of the posterior wall of the vagina pressed against the urethra, contributing to urinary continence.
Sixteen of these patients with OSUI (16/20) had concomitant anti-incontinence procedures and one developed SUI symptoms postoperatively.
After the operation, the obstruction is relieved and the urethra distortion is corrected, reducing the urethral pressure, which could change the OSUI to dominant SUI.
Therefore, POP patients with no SUI may have OSUI, which may appear after the prolapse repair.