OSWOffice of the Status of Women (various locations)
OSWOffshore Wind (renewable energy source)
OSWOld School Wrestling
OSWOffice of Solid Waste
OSWOrsk (Russia)
OSWOperation Southern Watch (JTF-SWA)
OSWOffice of Surface Water (USGS)
OSWOff the Streets and Into Work
OSWOn-Site Wastewater (various locations)
OSWOfficial Scrabble Words
OSWOregon Stage Works (theater)
OSWOld Swedish (linguistics)
OSWOsijek Wireless (Croatia)
OSWOne Season Wonder
OSWOffice of Secretary of War (US DoD)
OSWOperations Support Wing
OSWOrient Script Worldwide (UK)
OSWOutbound Signaling Word
OSWOtaku Sailor Wars (game)
OSWOpen Surface Wound
OSWOver-Size Waveguide
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The aim of GCL-SI's acquisition of OSW is to strategically enter the global market and develop its own product layout and distributed PV integration unit.
The incorporation of OSW as filler in a polyolefin matrix is significant to minimize the fabrication costs and to obtain a product from renewable resource with enough properties for applications like interior car parts, window and door frames, gardening items, casing, packaging, and, in general, for any application which does not require very high strength [8],
This partnership was developed to provide increased training opportunities for aspiring EA professionals, refine the articulation between OSW curricula and internships, and to promote entry-level employment opportunities.
Otro reporte del OSW, fechado el miercoles 5, ya advertia que tras la derogacion --el 28 de enero pasado--de las leyes anti-protesta y la dimision del primer ministro Mikola Azarov, Yanukovich habia aprovechado que las negociaciones con los partidos politicos de oposicion se habian estancado para intentar arreglar los desacuerdos en su partido, el De las Regiones, acerca de la manera de solucionar la crisis, y profundizar las divisiones entre sus opositores.
In our study, the correlations among the quality of life domains of pregnant women with PBP, and their OSW, VAS and ADL scores were analyzed.
Although he has denied setting up OSW Group, sources have revealed how Kenny boasted of forming the company and helping it grow from nothing to having 3.
The S-3B performed its usual refueling and surveillance missions in Operation Desert Fox in December 1998 and Operation Allied Force in early 1999, and continued OSW missions through March 2003.
Currently, EPA's OSW is re-doing a risk assessment of a possible ruling on the matter, which w as first proposed in 2003 and is currently under review.
OSW replied that the steam price would be based on the nuclear fuel cost at Diablo Canyon, which would have made the Diablo Canyon opportunity very attractive.
Simultaneously, the new 332d AEW saw its OSW tasking increase in intensity and duration, while it hosted base operational support for US Marine Corps planning and US Navy Seabee construction projects.
Based on the updated information and revised forecast, the OSW mission was terminated early and all aircraft were directed to return to base.