OTBSOne True Brace Style (computer programming)
OTBSOnline Turn Based Strategy
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It has been eating into the revenues of horse racing since racing aficionados end up betting in sabong instead of horse racing when these two games are held simultaneously in the OTBs,' Peralta said.
94) See History of the Board, supra note 92 (describing the New York City OTB as one of several OTBs that opened after this legislation was passed).
17) Al nivel vecinal y parroquial, un problema fundamental es que las OTBs de las aldeas pequenas carecen de habilidades organizativas.
For example, OTBS (w/o sulfur) will cure natural rubber and achieve similar modulus and rheometer torque to TMTD sulfurless systems when the equivalent amount of dithiocarbamate groups are used (1 mole TMTD = 2 moles OTBS).
The officials explained that although cockfighting per se is not illegal, the presence of betting in OTB sites, where online cockfighting is also shown, makes its operations unregulated and illegal.
dare not take wagers with Keeneland's lowered takeout-for fear that their punters would like it so much that OTBs would be unable to offer anything other than such reasonable wagering.
Key among those is Roberts Communications Network, which helped devise a system to deliver HD simulcasts to OTBs in a manner that works with their existing television infrastructure.
We are happy that our fans who wager through racetracks and OTBs will soon be able to enjoy the Calder product, and we are committed to working with the FHBPA to ensure that our customers will also have the opportunity to wager via TwinSpires.
To the contrary, their demands seem sure to offend just about everyone in the industry - regulators, horsemen, tracks, customers, OTBs and ADWs - that see limits on content distribution as a key contributor to industry stagnation and customer disenfranchisement.
Centaur has owned 38 percent of Hoosier Park since December 2001 and has held options to purchase a greater stake in the track and its OTBs.
87 million, included in discontinued operations, during the fourth quarter of 2006 to write down the long-lived assets of Hoosier Park at Anderson to their estimated fair value in connection with the pending sale of the Company's majority interest in the track and its three Indiana OTBs to Centaur Inc.
com, under development, and to third parties, including racetracks, OTBs, casinos and other ADW providers.