OTCDOrnithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency
OTCDOn the Capitol Doorstep (est. 1971; childcare legislative resource; California)
OTCDOver-the-Counter Derivative (financial contract)
OTCDOfficer in Tactical Command (NATO officer)
OTCDOccult Tumor Cell Deposits
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We have further optimized this derivatization method to quantify glutamine in dried blood spots from newborns and in plasma to monitor OTCD patients on treatment.
To determine whether a diagnosis of OTCD can be made in archived blood spots, we evaluated the stability of glutamine over time.
We also measured glutamine in freshly collected plasma samples (n = 36) referred to our laboratory for amino acid analysis and including some from OTCD patients on treatment.
It is doubtful that the incidence of OTCD justifies a separate newborn dried blood spot screen for glutamine with this method.
This is the case even in archived OTCD dried blood spots that initially contained much higher newborn glutamine concentrations.
It is a superior alternative to the use of an amino acid analyzer to monitor OTCD patients on treatment.
Despite all the attention on the complex world of OTCDs since the beginning of the credit crisis in 2008, the resulting level of misunderstanding continues to be unsatisfactory, uninformed - or both - which is why TABB believes that the OTCD market should not be viewed as a $600 trillion behemoth, but as a key component of a broader risk transfer mechanism for global financial firms, corporations and investment managers.
OTCD and ETD notional turnover by region (2004-2010e)
Growth of collateral in the OTCD market (1999-2009)
OTCD margin requirement current versus additional collateral (2005-2009)