OTCHObedience Trial Champion (Dog Obedience Title)
OTCHObedience Training Club of Hawaii
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When asked by OTCH in 1995 whether Upper Heyford qualified for its Register of Historic Battlefields, English Heritage replied that this could not be the case as nothing happened 'on the ground'.
The more of this money (which OTCH estimate to amount to about 50 million [pounds sterling]) that is spent on demolition of buildings (some of which were designed not to be demolished), the less will be available for interpreting what is left.
The OTCH vision is that the new houses be built south of Camp Road, where residential amenity can be achieved without compromising the airfield, so they can make a proper financial contribution towards the realization of the heritage potential of Upper Heyford.
Once a dog has earned the UD, OTCH points can be earned.
Obedience Trial Championship: The coveted OTCH is the pinnacle of AKC competition obedience.
The top OTCH dogs vie for an invitation to the AKC's National Obedience Invitational, which invites the teams with the most OTCH points within a particular breed.
Esther Zimmerman of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, has been competing since 1976 and has earned CH/UDs on two Schipperkes and a CH/UDX and OTCH points on another one.