OTCMOregon Track Club Masters (Eugene, OR)
OTCMOld Town Christian Ministries (Bellingham, WA)
OTCMORU/Tool Changeout Mechanism
OTCMOver-the-Counter Market
OTCMOptimized Trellis-Coded Modulation
OTCMOutput Transmission Control Manager
OTCMOver the Counter Medicine
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This is in contrast to the finding of a study in Nigeria10 which showed that OTCM usage during pregnancy was more among self-employed or unemployed females, and the multigravida females.
Also the reason as to why we could not find association between sociodemographic variables and OTCM use could be related to the inherent problems of a cross sectional study design.
OTCMs are of special concern among pregnant women as they pose risk to the mother and fetus.
Conclusion: Use of OTCMs and antibiotics during pregnancy is a common practice among Saudi pregnant women.
1 Nonprescribed usage of OTCMs is a common worldwide phenomenon.
It is debated that usage of OTCMs lessens the burden of patient visit to the GPs, and on the health care system.
To our knowledge this is the first study in Saudi Arabia that focused on the use of OTCMs by pregnant women.
The OTCM ADR Index (Bloomberg: OTCDR), powered by BNY Mellon DR Indices, was developed to benchmark the fast-growing and diverse number of ADR investment opportunities available to investors through their U.