OUBOverseas Union Bank (Singapore)
OUBOffshore Petroleum Discharge System (OPDS) Utility Boat (US DoD)
OUBOffice of Undergraduate Biology (Cornell University)
OUBOpportunities Unlimited for the Blind (est. 1994; Michigan)
OUBOffentlig Utvalg for Blindeskrift (Norwegian: Public Selection of Braille; Oslo, Norway)
OUBOPDS Utility Boat
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In Brazil, CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of the Higher Level Personnel) promotes funding opportunities such as the Pro-Institutional Equipment/CAPES, Equipment System/OUB, and Pro-System Equipment/OUB, which provided more than nine million (US$) in 2010 to purchase equipment for OUB (CAPES, 2010).
The OUB may be thought of as the attitude that becomes the major part of the downward slope and leads further away from the virtuous life.
in OUB Manulife from its joint venture partner Overseas Union Bank Ltd/
In a joint statement issued by the two banks, OUB welcomed UOB's offer.
We have met with the management and the board members of OUB, we have indicated to them our desire to work together,'' Jackson Tai, president and chief operating officer of DBS, said at the news conference.
Singapore OUB Centre I Raffles Place #27-00 Singapore 0104 Phone: 53 55 33 Telex: 21252
agreed to acquire the remaining interest in OUB Manulife from its joint venture partner Overseas Union Bank Ltd/United Overseas Bank Ltd.
David Tan Guan Huat, vice-president and head of corporate planning and risk management at OUB, said the bank's overseas expansion plans had been in the pipeline for years.
Along with his role at OUB, he was recently appointed second deputy chairman of SembCorp Industries.