OUBSOpen University Business School
OUBSOxford University Biochemical Society (UK)
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He is one of 15,000 managers to have earned the OUBS MBA.
OUBS concentrates exclusively on distance learning methods, which blend traditional and technological approaches in a flexible and student-friendly manner," said Prof Kaye.
What constitutes a robust strategy in the general case is never clearly defined but in the particular it appears to come down, for the OUBS at least, to being so nice to your stakeholders that they will tolerate your ineptitude in the face of a paradigm shift long enough to let you cobble your act together afresh.
Bernadette initially took the OUBS Professional Certificate in Management.
She then completed her Institute of Personnel and Development Diploma, using OUBS study packs, before going on to achieve a Masters in Business Administration.
Driver team manager David Woolley and his colleagues Mike Ingledew and David Neil successfully studied alongside one another for the OUBS certificate of management, sponsored by the company as part of its Investors in People work.
It obviously suited him because since then he has taken a BA with the OU, the OUBS MBA and a Masters Degree in Law at Leicester University by the same method.