OUPVOperator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels
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154) For example, if you are a fishing guide operating a vessel, and you carry six or fewer passengers for hire, you need to comply with the rule and obtain a federal OUPV license.
For example, in the absence of a prior Coast Guard jurisdictional determination, a fishing guide operating a vessel which may be subject to OUPV laws on an inland waterway must: (1) hire an attorney to research whether the waters on which the guide will operate are subject to federal regulation, (2) pay for a federal license just in case, (3) receive a citation from the Coast Guard and then pay to challenge that citation to the Coast Guard Hearing Officer, or (4) pay for an attorney to bring suit against the Coast Guard in federal court enjoining Coast Guard regulation on that particular waterway.
Coast Guard OUPV License, which enables individuals to take up to six passengers for hire on an uninspected vessel.