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OUSOkayama University of Science (Japan)
OUSOutside the United States
OUSOregon University System
OUSOrganizational Units
OUSOracle Universal Server
OUSOffice of the Under Secretary
OUSOneUp Studios
OUSOwn Unit Support
OUSOperation United Shield
OUSOurinhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Airport Code)
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The OUS internal bank set up protocols to invest the lump sum strategically, and it produced $10.
En otras palabras, las OUS tienen un pie en el SGSSS y otro en las necesidades de la poblacion usuaria a la que representan.
As for 3M's international growth, to generate 50 percent of our total annual sales by OUS business by 1992, we plan to use the following strategies: First, we will expand our product offerings.
The OUS expects little growth in the number of graduates from Oregon high schools over the next decade.
When Rose takes office on Saturday she will be the first woman to serve as chancellor since the state System of Higher Education, now the OUS, was created in 1931.
But they could not suggest similar changes at UO and the other OUS campuses for lack of detailed information.
The report includes an overview of the relevance of diverse educational environments and descriptions of the current initiatives within OUS to enhance the representation, inclusion, and engagement of diverse racial/ethnic populations.
As a result, OUS institutions are seeing record enrollments, with part of the surge coming from out-of-state students who more than pay their way.
The Oregon University System (OUS) annual diversity report provides: (1) a "vision" for diversity with continuing themes regarding the enhancement of representation, inclusion, and engagement; and (2) an overview of the progress made in racial/ethnic diversity within the populations of OUS students, faculty and staff.
Contract award: Framework agreement, ultra-freezers and accompanying consumables for OUS.
But an OUS spokeswoman said universities need to follow Kitzhaber's lead.
Participants, identified using 1999-00 state data from the Oregon Department of Education, included students who participated in state assessment while in high school and subsequently enrolled in an OUS institution or Oregon community college in fall 2001 as first-time freshmen.