OWSSOld West Shooting Society
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Current DND Projects: * Support for the CH-146 Griffon Flight Management System (FMS) through the prime contractor for the Department of National Defence Optimized Weapon System Support (OWSS) contract, BHTC * Support for the CP-140, Aurora FMS through the prime contractor for the DND OWSS contract, L-3 Electronics Systems.
Current DND Projects: * Machining of component parts for LAV and Stryker * NDT process for machine parts (MPI) * Tool and test equipment design and fabrication * drive train integration (supply chain) and assembly * repair and overhaul of all Canadian generations of drive train assemblies for LAV's * OWSS sub-contract management (full service support) * technical update and management of Marine Drive assembly variant * CARC paint process * management of several LAV platform subassemblies and R&O components * assembly routings (technical instructions) creation and integration
It brings us closer to the original vision of the OWSS long-term, performance-based contract model," he added.