OWUOhio Wesleyan University (Delaware, Ohio)
OWUOklahoma Wesleyan University (Bartlesville, Oklahoma)
OWUOur World Underwater
OWUOpen Window Unit (sound; construction)
OWUOffice of War Utilities (US Navy)
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A week later, it was announced that both Presser and Lizzie Boynton had resigned their positions at OWU.
Although this review declared a draw between the two rivals, the contrast between them highlights the situation in Presser's second year at OWU.
The Division of Student Affairs at OWU believes that the celebration of diversity and advocacy for inclusion is the difference between some and all students succeeding, learning and growing.
Founded in 2005 by Wood, OWU is dedicated to educating women and families about the excitement of the outdoors through teaching outdoor life skills, knowledge of natural resources, building self-esteem and promoting self-reliance.
Luckily, through the OWU and the TUUL, the workers gained a number of supporters, primarily among white-collar workers.
Although there are many examples like those at OWU, DePauw, and Babson, where rich media is being used by different departments, the use of digital audio and video is definitely having a great impact on academics as well, particularly on how courses are delivered.
OWU 1455, isolated from a Downy Woodpecker Dryobates pubescens), was found to degrade feathers in vitro from 28-40 [degrees] C.
Osofisan's Owus mock the disavowal of the profit motive at the heart of the Iraq Invasion, as they bitterly and ironically complain about the rhetoric of their "liberators":
Liminality or hybridity helps the Owus perform resistance in Osofisan's play as well.