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OYOOn Your Own
OYOOakland Youth Orchestra (California)
OYOOmbetja Yehinga Organisation (social awareness; Namibia)
OYOOpen Youth Organization
OYOOulun Yliopisto (Finnish, University of Oulu)
OYOOttawa YMCA/YWCA Olympians (swim team; Canada)
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When I started building OYO, the only thought on my mind was that I wanted to solve a big problem.
Our partnership with OYO Rooms, offers us a wonderful platform to tap this need & opportunity.
As a leader in fan engagement in the sports marketplace, OYO Sports has been a great partner in developing NHL products for fans to celebrate the great game of hockey and relive the biggest moments in hockey history.
The latter is important to build the people's confidence in the king and promote strong cultural identity and here I am in Dubai, one of my favourite places, hoping to build bridges of familiarity with the people and most importantly the ruling families who I have a lot of respect for," says King Oyo who travels the world seeking foreign assistance for the development of Toro.
The Company's principal assets include interests in OML 120 and OML 121, offshore oil and gas leases in deep water Nigeria which include the currently producing Oyo Oilfield, and six recently acquired exploration blocks in Kenya and Gambia.
It starts with furnishings at the core, but it goes beyond that," Oyo says.
In Oyo Kingdom for instance, while the Alafin (the Oba) wielded much power that approached veneration, the institution of the Oyo-mesi was also there to check his use and possible abuse of power.
The Ibadan digester will take advantage of the city's Bodija Municipal Abattoir, where nearly two-thirds of the animals in Oyo State are slaughtered, according to a study in the January 2002 African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management.
BH-PAS was formed by OYO Corporation in January 2000 to develop a production model of the SSET system and commercialize the technology.
Vaccine in storage sites and immunization centers in Lagos was fully potent, but potency in Osun and Oyo was 016 [log.
HOUSTON -- OYO Geospace (NASDAQ: OYOG) today announced that, effective today, it has changed its name to Geospace Technologies Corporation.